Use all your gift cards like never before!

The only option that allows you to combine all of your unused, unwanted and fractional gift card balances into one lump sum.


How it Works

What is Centz?

Centz is a simple and smart online solution to register unused or partially used gift cards in a safe and secure mobile wallet. This will revolutionize the gift card usage market by allowing anyone to combine all of their various gift card balances into one lump sum. This balance can be used to buy the gift cards you actually want. 

Why use us?

Centz will give an individual the opportunity to fully spend their gift card balances on retailers of their choosing. The mobile wallet will allow the user to easily keep track of their values associated with each gift card, as well their total lump sum. Our service will provide the user with an expansive inventory of desirable gift cards spanning a variety retailers. Not only will our inventory surpass that of our competitors but Centz' registration technology will eliminate the fraud associated on giftcards that frequently plagues the other guys. 

What we do

Centz allows the user to decouple all of the dollars trapped in their gift cards by converting them to credits. These credits are used in a frictionless manner as the method of exchange on the provided inventory of giftcards on the Centz platform.

The total balance of each user's  various registered gift cards becomes Centz Goldbucks, our form of credits (equivalent to the value of USD). Each user's amount of Centz Goldbucks can be used on our inventory to buy any gift card they want, whenever they want. The user will also receive notifications within the platform, if their favorite retailers have  sales or promotions in effect, granting the user the ideal time to redeem their Centz Goldbucks. Each user's Centz Goldbucks balance will be determined in a safe and secure manner on Centz' reliable network.


John Morehead Emmett IV, CEO

John is an experienced invertebrate physiology researcher accustomed to running experiments and data analytics to shed light on topics with little understanding. Earlier this year, John began managing his own hedge fund monitoring the accounts of ten different clients using his technical analysis skills in traditional stocks and cryptocurrencies. In 2017, he co-founded the Official Crypto Central, a financial advising group with over a 1000 members. In the OCC, he acted as the Head of Technical Analysis, leading a team of analysts to publish multiple ideas regarding different coins on a daily basis. Within the group, he also participated in the development of a manual and automatic cryptocurrency trading bot. Graduating from Franklin and Marshall College with a BA in Biology, lead to having an interest researching healthcare ICOs and bioscience blockchain projects

Samuel Charles Levin, COO

Sam is a huge idea man and people person with experience in a wide range of professional fields including Behavior Science, Business and Economics, Venture Capitalism, Blockchain Technology and Hotel and Resort Services. Sam began his entrepreneurial career in 2012, attempting to create a decentralized database for all artists, musicians, and filmmakers to share, gain support, and find ways to monetize their work. In 2013, Sam shifted his focus to Blockchain Technology where he began researching and providing business development consultation for multiple Blockchain Technology companies. During this time Sam also opened his own private consulting practice where he acted as a mentor and consultant for professionals of all ages in a wide variety of fields! Starting in 2017, Sam began searching for projects and fellow colleagues with similar aspirations and helped to found Centz. With all the madness and uncertainty in the ever changing crypro-world, Sam looks to provide a cool and conservative approach as our Head of Operations.

Kassius Barker, CTO

Kass is an experienced industrial Blockchain developer and team leader with an entrepreneurial background. He helps integrate Blockchain behind the scenes for major companies, focusing on designing the core architecture and staff training.After studying mathematics at university, Kass utilized his childhood fascination with programming to become a Blockchain Developer and Consultant. Kass's passion for Blockchain overflows into his hobbies where he writes technical Blockchain development articles and has also founded the Blockchain developers club, a hub for over 1000 Blockchain developers to learn and collaborate.  For Kass, programming is the ultimate creative process where satisfaction comes from problem solving and finding new and ingenious ways to utilize the language of code. With a keen interest in technology and progress, Kass has a natural flair for helping to find and apply new solutions to old problems.After studying mathematics at university, Kass utilized his childhood fascination with programmin as a Blockchain developer and consultant. Kass passion for Blockchain overflows into his hobbies, as he writes technical Blockchain development articles and founded the Blockchain developers club, a hub for over 1000 Blockchain developers to learn and collaborate. 

Oluwasegun "Segun" Owa, Lead Developer

Oluwasegun Owa is a software developer/architect with experience in the development of both mobile and web  enterprise platforms.  He has close to 10 years experience developing solutions ranging from school applications, accounting softwares, HR and Payroll solutions, Staff audit systems, mobile banking solutions and retail lending applications. He has worked with development teams within companies to develop both customer facing applications and also automate in-house processes. In his career as a developer and architect, he has worked for the following companies  NIDCOM solutions, eSofties Solutions limited, Multisoft Consulting, Princesoft Developers and WEMA bank Plc. Segun currently works as the lead software engineer for ZEDCREST capital, a full-service capital management firm, with core interests in fixed income securities trading, asset management and proprietary investments. Before joining the company, he worked with ALAT, the first fully digital bank in Nigeria as a technical team lead for Savings & back office operations. Segun is well grounded in the understanding and application of blockchain technology and writing of smart contracts and currently explores use cases for blockchain implementations. Segun is excited to bring his extensive expertise and experience to the Centz team.