It Just Makes Centz!

Use up all your money trapped in your gift cards!

Centz is the first company to understand how blockchain technology can be leveraged and applied to change the gift card industry forever.

Now with Centz's creation of a universal gift card registry, every gift card, reward and loyalty credit will be changed into a secure and totally mobile form of credit that is portable anywhere with the Centz mobile wallet.

The gift card market in the USA is valued at $170 Billion, worldwide $750 billion, and these numbers are growing.

Not all countries have the same regulations which control the sale and use of gift cards, such as Australia where retailers have expiration dates on the cards - something which has been eliminated in the USA. Centz will unlock the value on all unused gift cards and make them a universal method of payment for any goods or services worldwide. Centz provides the method of combining all gift card balances into one spendable lump sum.

How It Works

The Issue - Trapped Funds

The surge in gift card purchases has proved hugely profitable for the retailers that issue them. The Credit CARD Act did not do much to address what happens when the less-than face value of a gift card is used and then, the fractional balance sits in the junk drawer in perpetuity. The sale of a gift card represents an infinite obligation of the retailer under generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). The SEC and IRS have issued guidelines for retailers to remove these liabilities, and break the "obligation" based on historical redemption rates.

If all 200 million tokens are sold during the ITO, then Centz will
give 5% extra tokens to all participants as a reward.

Centz Gift Card Benefits

Benefits for Gift Card Holders

  • Secure Every Gift Card As Every One Will Be Located On A Blockchain
  • The Ability To Combine
  • The Ability To Use Every Last Dollar Of Every Gift Card (small balance registration)
  • The Ability To Acquire The Gift Card That You Want
  • All Gift Cards, Reward & Loyalty Points Located on Your Phone(never leave home without them) Digital Wallet
  • Lowest Fee in The Industry
  • Eliminates Cash From The Redemption Process, Eliminating Fraud
  • Increase user Experience By Allowing better and More Flexible Usage of Gift Cards
  • Registering all individual identities and gift card balances on the blockchain eliminates the biggest problems and restrictions for the safe and secure use of gift cards
  • Seamless Integration In between Gift Card Usage and Blockchain

Benefits for Companies

  • First Customer Option To Allow The Flexible Use Of Gift Cards
  • Issuance of The First Blockchain Gift Card $465 Million Dollars of Gift Cards Are Sold Every Day in USA
  • Digital Format Lowers Cost Of Originating Blockchain Gift Cards
  • Technology is Applicable World Wide
  • Patents Pendin
  • First World Wide Gift Card Data Base
  • Gift Card Industry Is Growing Worldwide At 10% per year
  • Bottom line for Centz is that we have a huge opportunity to disrupt this industry based on our patent pending technology and the use of the blockchain
  • Using the blockchain totally eliminates any retailer’s ability to grab unspent balances which is called "breakage"
  • Shopping data will be derived from our gift card registration platform

Gift Card Statistics

  • Over 20% Of All Gift Cards Are Never Used
  • Average Individual Holds Over $300 USD of unused Gift Cards
  • U.S. Consumers Hold 3.3 Billion Memberships in Customer Loyalty Programs
  • According to First Data, gift card recipients are increasingly viewing gift cards as more valuable than traditional gifts.
  • Consumers spend an average of $283/year on gift cards
  • Customers are 2.5 times more likely to buy something for full price if they pay with a gift card.


Stage Two: 8 - 12 months

Stage One: Months 1- 8
Build and scale the blockchain based Centz
gift card exchange platform

Develop mobile wallet-app-website

Develop automated balance check algorithm for random continuous
balance checking with customer interface

Develop universal registration platform and integration
with tokenization for POS systems

Develop Algorithms to value and redeem gift cards gift cards

Create all Administrative, Legal, Operational and Marketing Departments

First security program with retailer

Initiate interface with Retailers backend (integration/security)

Issuance of blockchain secured gift cards

Monetizing mined data

Expand accepted gift card retail brands on the platform

Launch Registration Site

Develop & Launch First Blockchain Gift Card
with first US based retailer

Extensive Marketing Programme Unleashed

The People and Partners Behind Centz

Key Partner

Centz's creation of a universal gift card registry will be blockchain based and represent a chance to reimagine existing businesses, and create new business opportunities. This is where not only the identity of each gift card holder will be registered, but also where every gift card, reward and loyalty credit will be placed, onto the Centz mobile wallet.

Jon Bricken

CEO and Founder

A results driven, senior executive with over 30 yrs of successful experience in a diverse set of industries. Experience in procuring venture capital, contract negotiations, product development for the on-site regulated medical waste industry, wine industry (developed the concept & structure utilized for the first wine hedge fund in the USA), manufacturing and distribution of container and closure products for the food and cosmetic industries. Named inventor on U.S. and foreign patents.

Mark R. Smelcer


He brings over 14 years' experience in the IT field. For the last 8 years, Mark has worked on products for major digital payments providersincluding Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. With in-depth experience constructing and utilizing mobile application tap payments and DSRP payment systems, Mark has experience with Java web services and apps dealing with credit card monitoring and settlement, card authorization and fraud settlement.

Brad Barnes

President and COO

Brad Barnes is a seasoned, competitive leader with a track record in successfully assisting start-up and high-growth businesses to realize their greatest potential. Brad has been responsible for business development on a global scale and implemented many corporate and financial processes, including a successful IPO in April 2006.

Jacob Hoag Madsen

Legal Advisor

As counsel to a number of Danish and foreign financial undertakings and investment schemes, Jacob advises on a broad range of financial regulatory matters, e.g. cross-border transactions, securities offerings, portfolio transfers, AIFMD/UCITS-matters, and payment services. Furthermore, he has significant experience with complicated company law matters and M&A transactions.